An Englishman In Isabela Blog #89 – Almost There

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Hyner house internal walls are almost complete now. Only a small section of the master bedroom wall remains to be constructed. The formers will then be released to the Mangligot house site where the wall fabrication was being prepared today. Some formers will be retained to create the raised viewing deck and others to complete the apex of the garage/parking wall. The team also has to level the tops of the external walls ready for the roof trusses.
Northcon’s attention to detail and drive for perfection is very evident as there was a stone mason in bedroom 1 where the wall on one side was not quite square to the corner. The concrete wall was slightly thicker than it should have been so the mason was chipping it back to make it flush with the rest of the wall.
Building a house is very much a partnership between the customer and the contractor. The removal of the side windows to the front door was a joint decision as there was concern about the security of having such narrow strips of concrete framing them. Conversely the contractor felt that adding an arch on either side of the front porch would make it more attractive. Again we agreed. It’s good to have this kind of relationship and we make a point of visiting the site regularly to take an interest in what is happening.
Including the foreman and project engineer, there are now 34 men working on the construction of the two houses. Most are local men who at other times will be planting or harvesting in the rice fields, including our own. At present we are between planting and harvesting so, unless they have other work, there is not normally anything for them to do and hence no income. The opportunity to have a regular income is a godsend therefore.

Check out this video: Hyner house construction 18 January 2010