An Englishman In Isabela blog #88 – Concrete Pouring Ballet

Monday, January 18, 2010

The construction crew were working to a rhythm today when we made our site visit.
There was an exchange of texts and emails with our contractor over the weekend regarding the height of the viewing deck. The contractor asked if it could be lowered by 1 metre to 3.5 metres above the ground. The basis of the suggestion was the assumption that it was merely a balcony and would therefore normally line up with the second floor. But as we don’t have a second floor there is nowhere to walk out. Also if it is lowered it would restrict the 360 degree view because parts of the roof would be higher and would obscure the view in two directions. In the end it was agreed to stick to the original plan at 4.5 metres.
Harvey, Gina’s nephew, climbed up the scaffolding and said that the view was incredible all round. Before the safety railings are added it looks rather like a helicopter landing pad.
A stone mason was busily chipping away at the window openings to correct any inperfections in the curve at the top. This is the first finishing we have seen but others will be doing similar work to ensure that the surface of the walls is ready for painting, grinding any ridges away and filling any holes. There is apparently a surface wash of concrete to fill any cracks and small holes. This is then treated with a chemical to prevent any moisture seeping through. Finally the wall is painted inside and out.

Check out this video: Ballet Concrete

Resty and Jane test the floor of their new house. We tell them that to reduce costs there will be no walls.

Resty does a very unconvincing impersonation of Long John Silver with wooden leg.