An Englishman In Isabela Blog #86 – An Englishman’s Castle

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The external walls are now complete and our contractor is finishing the internal walls. Several were drying out in their formers while others were being poured with concrete. Scaffolding was being erected over the lanai to construct the viewing balcony/terrace.
While the men were taking their merienda break (afternoon tea break) we took a look around inside.
The word mansion has been used by several friends to describe what they have seen of the construction so far. I think that’s a bit of an exaggeration. We have simply replicated the space we had in our old house in the UK. Although there was only the three of us, we used one of the bedrooms as an office, one as a visitor’s room and another as a music room. One reception room was used to view TV and watch films. So effectively every room had a purpose. In our new home all that space has been translated into a single storey building with large arched windows to let in plenty of light and a through flow from the front door to the lanai at the back.

Check out this video: Hyner House Construction 16 January 2010

We have been asked by our contractor whether they can lower the height of the viewing balcony by 1 metre from  4.5 metres above the ground to 3.5 metres. Looking at the detailed plans this would seem to place it below two sections of the roof and therefore our view may be blocked in two directions and limit us to seeing to the rear of our lot over the ricefields towards the mountains and to our left across neighbouring lots. We have asked Northcon to explain why this modification is necessary.