An Englishman In Isabela Blog #83 – Annual Report & Construction Update

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gina’s one year old niece was rushed into hospital the other night with a fever, vomiting and diarrea. Currently she’s awaiting the results of tests so there’s no diagnosis yet and they are just treating the symptoms. She seemed a little better today when we called at the hospital en route to Cauayan City to do my annual report to the Bureau of Immigration. It’s fortunate you can do it at these satellite offices, otherwise it would mean a lengthy and expensive drive down to Manila. A report is required by all registered aliens in the first 60 days of each year. If you’re late you pay a penalty on top.
Before we started out we checked the BOI office address and then used Google Earth to find the road. So much easier these days. Without Google Earth we would have assumed the office was in the town centre but in fact it’s at the end of a side street. The office was small but smart. I presented my ACR-I card and they asked me to complete a form, give two thumbprints and then provide a photocopy of my passport photo and both sides of my ACR-I card. I then signed a report form which they said will be used each year when I report, and paid the 310 pesos charge. In return they gave me a receipt which I must keep and may be asked to produce at the next annual report. A lesson you learn early in the Philippines is to keep all the official receipts for everything so you can prove you really did pay.
Afterwards we stopped at a Chow King for lunch in the town centre as there was a parking space available. They are owned by the same group as Jollibee and Greenwich, all very successful fast food businesses that are giving McDonalds a run for their money in the Philippines. There are even branches of Jollibee now in Hong Kong where many OFWs work.
Back at the site later in the day even more of the Hyner house was coming into existence and an army of construction workers was packing the interior, busily at work. A channel was being cut in the master bathroom wall to install what we think is the shower pipe. We’re not quite sure why it wasn’t in the wall before concrete was poured as this is far easier than chiselling away concrete, so we assume either the pipe was overlooked of maybe the pipe or the wall were in a different place. Not our problem anyway!
In the rice field behind Nelson was using our newly acquired Honda water pump to transfer water from a handy pond and we could see that he had already been very successful in irrigating quite a substantial part of our lot. Tomorrow he will pump water up into the higher terrace rice fields and with help he will begin the task of transferring the seedlings from the nursery area into the fields. First the seedlings have to be pulled up and laid out in bunches prior to transfer.

Check out this video: Hyner House Construction 12 January 2010