An Englishman In Isabela Blog #77 – Let There Be A Front Wall, And There Was

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Yesterday concrete was being poured for the floor of the Mangligot house and the front wall of the Hyner house was nearing completion. Unfortunately the concrete mixer had broken down and was awaiting some replacement parts, so in the meantime concrete mixing was an entirely manual process with a chain of workers being formed to pass tubs of concrete up to the pourer.
We did not see the new vibrating machine in use on the formers, only a rubber mallet to shake the concrete into place, so we are not sure whether the new power tool has proved effective or not. However, we are confident our contractor knows what they are doing as they have many years experience of this kind of construction and have their own specialists for each component of the build, many of whom have worked with them for several years. In the end it is best that we assess the quality of work at the very end, not as the build progresses since any faults should be fixed before we accept the project as complete. After Construction is what is referred to as the Finishing stage when any imperfections will be addressed.

Check out this video: Hyner & Mangligot House Construction 8 January 2010

The floor of the Mangligot house is poured with concrete and walls should start to be built this weekend so that, given the difference in the size between the two, both houses will soon be at the same stage of construction