Move Day Moves Closer

Friday, May 28, 2010

Category: Travel and Places

When we visited the site yesterday afternoon there was no sign of the power being transferred to individual house meters, however, our stove and range hood had been delivered and were sitting in the garage. Also arriving late yesterday from Zamora in the next door province of Quirino was the hardwood swing seat, small table and hand-shaped chairs for Justin. They made no charge for delivery and gave us a 20% discount because they are keen to keep us as customers.
Inside our house a few more defects had been corrected but there is still quite a bit to clear. The majority of windows still do not sport security grilles and some internal doors are still being worked on. There was no sign of the kitchen cupboard defects being addressed and all work appears to have stopped on the lanai french doors. We assume the latter may be because Northcon are sourcing a UPVC replacement, but we cannot be sure as we’ve heard nothing more on the subject.
The architect having now left the project, the house owner across the road, who has to date acted as foreman, now has oversight. An electrician, carpenter, painter, and, we think, a plumber, are all that is left of the Northcon team, so they are pretty busy sorting out the problems and generally cleaning up the different rooms.
In Mangligot house Gina’s two brothers were had finished preparing the ceiling and were applying smoothing and filling compound to the walls. Later in the day the walls had turned white and the wall preparation was in full swing.
Today I have to discuss the railings labour cost which has risen above the 40% norm and will reach 53% if we don’t discuss it with Opong. If he wants further projects he going to have to lower his rate below 40% or split the difference on the wall and railings. I have to say he has done a very professional job of the perimeter fence and wall so it’s probably worth the 53%, however, every peso over the norm is a reason not to give him further work.
We visited Opong’s family workshop today and were much impressed by the gates they have created. A good standard has been achieve that frankly may justify the higher labour percentage. At the site the floor of the back gate section was being raised with hollow block and concrete to backfill height in line with the concrete bindings. Once the gate is installed we will make a ramp down the other side to rice field level.
While checking recent additions we noticed that the newly added external weather proof sockets in the walls of the lanai and the viewing deck are two, not three-pin, and will have to be replaced so they comply with the project’s three-pin earthing standard. This is particularly important with external sockets.
Covered cable sockets in the living room floor have also appeared. Silver was not available so we had to have brushed gold colour metal.
The heaters in two out of three comfort rooms are now fully operational and delivering nice hot water for those colder months of the rainy season. It seems extraordinary now as we daily endure temperatures in the region of 40C to 44C, but there is a marked change from September through to December, month names with a "ber" or rather a "brrrr" in them.
I took out the prepaid Smart Bro GPRS starter pack yesterday and am using with my laptop for the blog as there is currently a brownout in Plaridel. Its painfully slow compared to the PLDT DSL service but it’s better than nothing I suppose, particularly when there’s no mains power! If it’s adequate I will switch to the prepaid service so that I don’t have to keep buying new load. Otherwise we will use the internet cafe owned by Gina’s niece which is within the present PLDT service area. Maybe this is a good thing as we will spend less time on the internet and get more done on the house and growing the farming.
We had prolonged heavy rain and strong winds this afternoon. The drains of our rented house couldn’t cope and water began flooding the kitchen. We removed anything that could get damaged and spent a couple of hours bailing out water into the bathroom where there is a drain hole in the floor. This must be a sign so, regardless of outstanding punch list items, we will move into the new house as soon as we can arrange a truck.