Nearly Ready For The Big Move

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Category: Travel and Places

Only a few snags remain to be cleared and we should be ready for the big move. Our occupancy permits were issued on Monday and the transfer of the electricity to the permanent meters was applied for yesterday and Northcon anticipate it being completed by the end of this week. Provided that takes place and provided all the security grilles are installed, in principle, we should be able to move in.

Project Update 25-26 May 2010

After an identical struggle to the Hyner electric pump, Mangligot electric pump at last started to work properly. We’re not sure whether it’s unfamiliarity with this particular model of pump but having tried one model of Pentax pump they moved up to a more powerful one and that appears to work fine.

The replacement heaters were being fitted to the comfort rooms today together with other items from the defects list.
The molave bench seats and table we ordered in Cordon a couple of weeks ago arrived this evening on a truck with six strong guys to carry it all into the garage. We saw a hardwood swing seat in a small town in Quirino at the weekend when we visited a furniture maker that was exhibiting at 4-ways in Santiago City the other week. We haggled and settled on a very fair price, so that’s another item that should arrive this week. Like the molave furniture it will go in our lanai.

The decorative railings have been installed on the front and side walls and by the end of today Opong and his team were almost half way through welding the angle bracket railings onto the rear wall, so they have moved fast. The gates may appear later this week or early next week. Next we have the job of painting the railings and the wall.
Security grilles have been fitted to the first windows and we anticipate the rest will be installed by the end of this week.
Work on the door to the lanai had halted so we assume they are aware that enquiries are being made into a proper UPVC unit.
No sign of the stove or range hood the puchase of which Northcon facilitated. Today we were again told that both are in Isabela, but it might as well be the Planet Mars as neither has actually arrived at our house. Must be the Spanish influence again, meaning we are supposed to be happy that they are in the same province as us. Apologies for my dry English sense of humour.
OK, so we have security grilles for all our windows, but apparently, in order to comply with fire regulations, some must have a section that opens. Quite how this can be a secure grille beats me but we will investigate a workaround.
An extra door knob and lock has appeared on the garage door as the original lock meant the door could only be closed if you inserted a key and pulled it shut.
This morning they were struggling to get the Mangligot deep well water pump working properly, but thankfully by our second visit this afternoon it was spraying out a healthy amount of water. Initially it was a bit muddy but as time went on it became crystal clear. I put my hand into the jet of water for a few moment and didn’t even find any grit. Now Northcon need to create waterproof housings for each pump and transfer the present loose wire arrangement to a proper weatherproof electrical connection.
The storm water system and field drainage piping is one stretch short of the rear wall so this must be filled before we complete the backfill. Talking of which, at the front of the compound we are ready now for topsoil and garden earth to take it to full height. Only the area reserved for the driveway will receive more embankment earth.

Assisted by one of the local painters who worked on the big house, Resty and Nelson spent all day preparing the ceiling of Mangligot house, applying joining tape and decorator putty. Nelson has already fixed the major uneven sections of wall. Once they reach the painting stage maybe I can help but at the moment I think it’s best left to them. Nelson is a perfectionist when it comes to finishing.
At present we enjoy PLDT’s DSL internet service in our rented house, but unfortunately the coverage does not extend to Patul where I new home is located so we will have to switch to Smart Bro, a USB based mobile system which is much slower. There is a Smart Bro fixed wireless broadband system but its range limit is about a quarter of a mile short of our location. So it’s USB dongles or internet cafes until one of the providers decides it’s time to grown their customer base and revenues.