Aircon Operational

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Category: Travel and Places

All seven split inverter aircon units were fitted by last night, a successful end to four days of hard work by Wellcome installers. After the Northcon workers finished for the day, the installers tested each unit in turn, connecting a meter to the external unit and turning the internal unit on with the remote control. We checked each room to see that the units were working correctly and were very satisfied with the result.  We have 1.0HP units in 4 rooms, a 1.5HP in the master bedroom, and two separate 2.0HP units in the living room.
While the rating given by Panasonic gives one answer as to the power of the unit needed for a given room size, we followed the room size/rating table issued by the Philippines government. This combined with the fact that we have double glazed windows and insulated walls means that we have selected lower ratings in each room. Our aim is not to operate all seven simultaneously but simply to have access to aircon in whichever room we’re using at the time. Otherwise the cost would be astronomic.
Two out of three CR water heaters have been found to be defective and Northcon will replace them. The plumbing to the mixer in the master bedroom CR was incorrect, hence more wall hacking, this time from the bedroom side, to correct the problem.
The french doors to the lanai were being glazed yesterday but still look very bodged. It’s not the fault of the workmen, but we still feel that Northcon really should have supplied upvc double glazed doors to match the rest of the house. When the boss of Northcon visited the other week we thought he might replace the doors as he had been speaking to the window supplier, and we discussed the full length security bolts we use in the UK, but nothing has been heard on the subject since. We would never have imagined that Northcon would weld doors together on site. Clearly it’s cheaper than buying a ready-made unit but inevitably the quality is inferior to a factory produced upvc product.
There are now lights in the lanai, including the centre light we supplied, and the walls have been finish painted to match the outside colour.
Mangligot house CR fittings are now in place and, while awaiting delivery of finishing materials we have ordered, we started to prepare the walls of two rooms yesterday using sandpaper and a newly acquired Black & Decker grinder.
The team was still working hard to finish the Mangligot deep well, having dropped a section of piping down the well by accident earlier in the week. So some of the work has had to be repeated. However, the good news is the volume of water available at the increased depth is much greater. In the meantime a connection has been made from the Hyner pressurized tank into the Mangligot house so we had plenty of water on site. In contrast, when we returned to our rented house in the subdivision there was only a dribble of water, a regular occurrence there.
The kitchen of Hyner house is still unfinished. Much painting and adjustment and glazing of doors is taking place but they are not at the end yet. However, it is looking better by the day so we live in hope that they will finish by the end of next week. The centre light we supplied has been installed above the central worktop.
Capping of the pillars of the perimeter wall is almost complete and Opong expects to have all the railings installed by the middle of next week. After that gates have to be constructed and the lighting work completed.
Our stove and range hood have been delivered to Northcon in Manila and they are planning to truck it up to the site. We hope it will be this week so that everything can be installed. We have asked Northcon to calculate the rating for a standby generator to support some house lighting and the water pump.
But overall things appear to be on the finishing straight. Many areas need cleaning or touching up, but the big stuff is now done although not dusted.
I walked round both buildings this morning and everything is starting to look more finished. Still a few bits of touching up to do but they’re getting there. A few wires hanging out here and there, presumably awaiting weatherproof sockets or light fittings: lanai, viewing deck, spiral staircase etc; a water outlet plugged that needs a tap; catch basins awaiting covers; the last section of waste water pipe absent; electric pump and wiring in need of weatherproof covering etc etc.
The window security grilles are being spray painted prior to installation. Doors are being final fitted here and there while others are receiving finishing coats of varnish. The floor of the garage/parking area is being painted a dark brownish reddish/sienna colour which is practical for such places.
CRs are nearly complete except for the missing water heaters in two. Water seemed to be connected today although where the heaters are missing there is now an open pipe.
The electrician has shown us where the roofspace lighting switch is located and we should repeat the exercise for all lighting prior to formal handover of both properties.
Northcon are still chasing the occupancy permit so our planned moving in date may yet move back. The city engineer, who is the most senior of a number of signatories who have to sign the permit, was on a rest day yesterday, so was not available to meet with the Northcon architect until next week. We will leave it in Northcon’s capable hands.