Welcome The Wellcome Enterprises ACU Installers

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Category: Travel and Places

The Wellcome Enterprises ACU fitters had already started work at the site when we arrive yesterday morning.
Correction to earlier blogs: It was Wellcome Enterprises who messed us around with the ACU fitting and not Anson’s Emporium. I have amended previous blogs to reflect the correct supplier.
In the front yard more embankment earth for the backfill arrived (10 truck loads altogether) and the level of the ground is fast approaching house the foot of the entrance steps to both houses. This means that as soon as the concrete binding posts are covered we can switch some areas to top soil for the landscaping while continuing a little longer with embankment earth for the driveway area.

Compaction of the driveway section of the yard is critical so Nelson paid one of the truck drivers 100 pesos to spend a few minutes rolling over that area in particular with the truck still loaded with the latest delivery. This seems to produce a really hard surface which we could never improve on even if we hired a compaction machine. 100 pesos well spent.

Project update 19 May 2010