An Englishman In Isabela Blog #158 – Engineer Inspection And Occupancy Permit

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Category: Travel and Places

At the moment there’s nothing much to say about the City Engineering Department inspection other than that it still hasn’t taken place.
Northcon’s site architect, who is dealing with the occupancy permit, has the name of the engineer who will do it but as yet there’s been no sign of her. The application for the occupancy permit was submitted to the City Engineer’s department over two weeks ago. The engineer has promised to carry out the inspection for several days now but has not appeared.
We have our own contacts, including the City Engineer’s right hand man, who is Gina’s uncle, but it seems best to leave it to Northcon at the moment. There are also other connections at Mayoral level, but again at the moment we will leave it with Northcon who are assuring us that they can deal with it.
We hope this is not going to be a repeat performance of the problems we experienced with the building permit and later, at least initially, with the fencing permit. In the end those delays were attributed to what were referred to as misunderstandings. Maybe the days lost with the election have contributed, we don’t know. But it is Northcon who must deal with the occupancy permit as it is part of the contract. Also frankly, if we get involved it always seems to lead to major upset for the City Engineer and we have no wish to make an enemy of our future neighbour. So best we keep out of it.
Update 18 May 2010
We have since learned that an engineer from City Hall conducted the inspection at the end of last week and there were no major problems. Some minor item or items on the electrical side but that’s all apparently. So now they need the approval signature of the City Engineer who is apparently in Manila today.