Kite Flying

Friday, April 09, 2010

Category: Travel and Places

There has been very little wind in our subdivision during the current dry season but when even the slightest breeze picks up hundreds of children appear in the streets flying both homebrew and commercial kites. Given the presence of so many overhead power and telephone cables it is inevitable that the kids spend a considerable time untangling their prize kites, sometimes reluctantly relinquishing a tail or even major sections. When they cross the combat wire of our wall we watch anxiously as children attempt to climb up to release their kites, assisting whenever possible to avoid an even greater tragedy.
Yesterday as we drove back from the construction site, we even spotted one man flying a kite in another subdivision, with no children in sight, so it seems that age is no barrier.
Coming as I do from a country where TV seems to be the dominant pastime for most children, it is refreshing to see how kids here in the Philippines stlill derive so much satisfaction and fun from pursuits like kit flying. It reminds me of things my mother used to tell me about her childhood, when of course there was no such thing as television. Play is so important to healthy growing up so it is delightful to see children playing street games as well.
Simple pleasures that cost little or nothing. Poor many families may be but the smiling faces and the fun and laughter we see around us every day are testimony to the fact that happiness does not depend on material wealth.