An Englishman In Isabela Blog #124 – The First Window & Roofing

Saturday, March 13, 2010

As the team continued with the wall footings in the background we could see the the first window installed in the front wall of the master bedroom. The first insulation and roofing also appeared on the parking/garage. Inside the Hyner house the welders were constructing the first security grille, bending the steel into curling shapes. The spiral staircase from the lanai to the viewing deck was also receiving further welding.
Overnight we had a little rain so it looks as if the long dry spell we have been experiencing is about to break. All the more reason for our building contractor, Northcon, to push on with the installation of the roofing now that we have refined and strengthened the roof truss structure. We noticed that the steelwork holding the roof to the walls had been further reinforced with concrete.
After the workmen packed up for the day we climbed the spiral staircase to the viewing deck for the first time. The view is amazing. Even when all the roofing is installed we will have virtually 360 degrees view as when you are standing on the deck you are higher than every section of the roof. We are already talking about the sun shade we need to put up there but it will be a great place to finish the day with a beer, looking out over the rice fields. So we probably need to add a table and some chairs.
The first double glazed window was being installed in the master bedroom complete with sliding window section and insect screen. Looks very good. The welders were experimenting with the first security grille as these will be fabricated on site for each window.

House & Wall Construction 12 March 2010

In the kitchen the cabinet construction was continuing an the wall unit in the dirty kitchen has also been installed. Just a little more to do and then they can install cupboard doors and paint everything. We noted that the kitchen worktop, the concrete of which didn’t seem very strong, more like mortar which crumbled very easily, had been completed hacked out. Just beyond the laundry floor was a pile of rubble from the old worktop. They will re-pour the concrete using the proper mix this time.