Wall Footings

Friday, March 12, 2010

The team building our wall led by Apong was still working hard when we visited yesterday. By the end of the day they had completed the footings and inserted the pillar steelwork for three sides of the perimeter wall with only the front section remaining. The front wall will have more steel railing elements than the side walls together with driveway and pedestrian gates, the former being slightly inset to make the front more interesting. The pedestrian entrance will have a little roof over it as well.
The underground water gathering in the trenches was being pumped out with the Honda water pump we purchased to overcome the lack of water for our rice fields from the irrigation company. The 15,000 pesos it cost us has proved to be money well spent and constantly comes to our rescue.
The piles of gravil from the trench and deliveries of material for making the concrete make the whole site look like a moonscape but we know that once each component is completed we can quickly complete the backfill and landscape.
Northcon’s senior engineer was visiting the site yesterday morning (waving at us from the viewing deck above the lanai when we first saw him) and showed us various finishing materials for our approval including floor tiles, door and cupboard handles, locks, door stops, and wire baskets. Guttering was starting to appear around the parking/garage and wiring to hold the roof insulation was also being installed prior to fiting the 0.6mm steel roofing panets supplied by Puyat Steel.

Perimeter Wall Building 11 March 2010