An Englishman In Isabela Blog #122 – Trench Warfare

Sunday, March 07, 2010

A mechanical digger arrived on Thursday afternoon and by the end of the day had created a trench down most of the side of the Mangligot house. On Friday, however, the digger was working down the side of the back yard of the house when it hit some really hard material, almost like concrete except this was a natural deposit of some kind. Work then stopped while the contractor considered the options. On Saturday he called round at our rented house to suggest he could purchase an electric drill (a type that has been used to break concrete on the Waterworld project) but would need to travel down to Manila as this equipment is not available here. We would purchase it and afterwards could either retain it for other digging in the lot or sell it and recover much of our initial investment. This could be a cheaper option than hiring equipment.
Out of curiousity on Friday afternoon I tried to hit the hard material with a pickaxe but quickly realised that it was a waste of time. However, on Saturday afternoon the solution had changed to hiring a more powerful, larger digger (excavator) for 2000 pesos an hour. So we shall see how this works out. Otherwise acquiring a powerful electric drill may be the most sensible way around the problem.