An Englishman In Isabela Blog #120 – Fencing

Monday, March 01, 2010

Fencing does of course have another meaning in the English language, but I am pleased to report that the revised structural plan for our perimeter fence is now ready and we hope will receive the necessary approvals from the city engineer’s department this week so our fencing contractor can get on with construction. The amendments include the addition of more concrete to the base of the fence so that it will act as a retaining wall for the backfill, in addition to securing the perimeter. The absence of this feature was apparently the reason for non-approval of our original fencing permit application. Our thanks go to both Gina’s uncle and the City Engineer for helping us resolve the previous misunderstandings and we look forward to a more constructive relationship in the future as we complete our new home.
Life seems to be full of amazing connections. I was not aware that an old friend of mine from the US is now the mayor’s right hand man in Santiago City. It turns out that a classmate of one of the Northcon architects is now the wife of this man and when my name was mentioned it was instantly recognised. To cut a long story short we are arranging to meet up again and we have been assured that every assistance will be given us in establishing our new home here. So in many ways we seem to have turned a corner this week and will hopefully have a less troublesome relationship with the city engineer, our close neighbour in Patul, in the future.
Update Wednesday March 3: We have received the go ahead from city hall to commence construction of our perimeter fence. They said the permit would not be ready until Monday or Tuesday next week but we could proceed with building the fence in the meantime as the application has been accepted. The contractor who will build the wall visited the site tonight to begin planning, accompanied by the man who they will hire to operate the digger. They expect to start by tomorrow afternoon.
Once the wall construction has commenced we will complete the backfilling and the concrete driveway.