Moving On

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

We had a meeting at the site today with the outgoing project engineer and the two incoming architects who will support the finishing stage. A constructive meeting with full commitment from Northcon to rectify the faults we identified with the roof trusses. One of the new architects is the daughter of a professional welder so has a keen eye for spotting a bad weld. We discussed the seam welding of the steel (like a line of dimes) and also the necessity of having adequate surface connection between trusses. Thankfully we appear to have turned a difficult corner on the project. We will review the fully welded structure once the necessary rectification work has been completed. We also chose external colours today.
Separately we reviewed the pre-fabrication of the perimeter posts which will commence construction as soon as the fence permit has been issued. The latter is being done by a different team at the site and is being funded directly by us on a piece rate and materials basis. Rather than waste time while we await the issue of the permit it seemed sensible to do as much pre-fabrication as possible to reduce the building time later. Sensibly they were ordering additional prefabrication material today so that several teams can construct at the same time. They will also hire a mechanical digger to speed things up. All this was quite refreshing news and we rather like the approach of these young men. What they have produced already looks exceptionally professional, just like the plan they presented at the start for our fence.
In the meantime Northcon have requested an extension to the delivery date for our project which we have willingly granted. We have our rented house until July so it is no problem, and at the end of the day we would rather they didn’t rush as this only seems to lead to problems like those we had with the roof trusses.