An Englishman In Isabela Blog #111 – Don’t Squash The Squash

Saturday, February 06, 2010

We watered the squash again tonight, trying hard not to step on any of the young plants in the process (‘Don’t squash the squash’ we warned our son, Justin). These are the vegetables we have planted in the upper terraces of our neighbouring lot as it is more difficult to irrigate for rice. Good exercise and something the family can do together which is nice. One member of the team to run a shuttle with buckets of water from the deep well and the rest to do the watering. Which reminds me, we need to make the well deeper and install a larger pipe now we have made the decision to have two separate pressurized water tanks, one for each house. Ours will be 120 gallons as we have three t&bs, while the Mangligot house will have an 82 gallon tank.
No sign as yet of the roof tiles but work continues on the interior with the risk that it will have to be redone if this hot, dry spell breaks. The team was hard at work today as usual but they have a lot to do if they are to complete within their planned schedule of March.
Best we keep out of it. Every time I look at something I tend to have a query whereas if we were overseas, we wouldn’t notice the bugs and by the time we came over on a visit they would have been fixed anyway. The good news is the foreman is a stickler for perfection so probably best we leave it in Northcon’s capable hands.