An Englishman In Isabela Blog #110 – Giant Mosquitoes

Saturday, February 06, 2010

When we arrived at the site a couple of days ago, from a distance, it looked as if they had already installed insect screens in two windows of the Mangligot house. On closer inspection we realised that it was large dimension steel wire security netting to protect the materials they will store temporarily in the house. The only insect prevention would have been against giant mosquitoes, but it gave us a good laugh
Although no roof tiles have been delivered yet, two internal doors have been hung and preparation for mounting the ceiling panels was evident. Fortunately the weather has continued hot and dry (37 degrees celsius yesterday afternoon).
In the kitchen the carcass of the worktops has been concreted into place. We have supplied cooker and refridgerator dimensions to Northcon and have asked for a third time for the proposed kitchen design. Each time we have been told it will be later. On the last occasion they said it would be when the kitchen dimensions were known for definite, which they have been for a few weeks now. We hope it will not be necessary to re-do any of the work to date if we are disatisifed with the proposed layout.
We also learned that the project engineer is to be replaced although as yet we do not know whether this was planned and have received no formal notification of the change from Northcon.
We expect these kinds of hiccup. I don’t know anyone who has built a house who hasn’t had similar experiences. The contractor wants to get on with the job, which is good, but sometimes they forget the need to keep their customer informed and consult with them on any periphery design matters. So we hope nothing is forgotten in the changeover to the new engineer.

This morning we will meet again with the men who are constructing our perimeter wall and railings to discuss the design further and agree what materials are to be purchased.
While we wait for city hall to issue the fence permit, the men will prepare the steel railings ready to install. The rest of the construction will use hollow block but there will be additional features because of the backfill situation. Currently the largest hollow block costs 6 pesos so we will compare local prices against those of the city engineer’s hollow blockmaking business just up the road from our site. If his prices are in line with or lower than other local suppliers we may as well buy from him.