An Englishman In Isabela Blog #108 – Another Thank You To Glueboard

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I’ve lost count of how many baby rats I have caught with Glueboard since we arrived last July. So much rotten wood, so many cracks behind cabinets, not to mention the party wall with our neighbours which we suspect is often the source of these vermin. This afternoon we saw this larger one, probably an adult, in the kitchen so strategically placed two pieces of Glueboard for when it next appeared, one for it to walk on, the other to fall on its head. And my goodness that’s just what happened! Found the wretched thing like a rat sandwich so wacked it hard with a couple of broom handles until it was dead. Having used fragrant poison rice for some time with absolutely no success whatsoever (except to encourage them to come back for more), Glueboard is the bees knees, or maybe that should be the rats knees. So we will stick to it and, we hope very much, so will the rats!
The owners of our rented house sent a text the other day to say they had dropped the sale price from 1.5 to 1million pesos. From the start we said we were building our own place but we think they are getting desperate as they want to move to Canada where the wife’s parents live. Apart from the leaking flat roof, the broken surface of the yard outside, the periodic appearance of rats, the dark wall panels and small windows that make the house so dark you need a light on most of the day, the damp kitchen cupboards with doors that do not close properly, the leaking sink in the bathroom that is falling off the wall, and the terrible lighting, it would make a great buy. However, personally I would demolish the whole thing, dig up and dispose of the mango trees outside, clear the whole lot and start again. It has served its purpose as a temporary home but is not suitable as long term home. Our garage in the UK was more welcoming!
At the owners’ request we have allowed visits from a few potential buyers. We are very careful not to say anything that might discourage them but we can tell from their expressions and the speed with which they complete the tour that they are not impressed.
Provided we don’t encounter any rats equipped with rotary hammer drills we think we will have less problems with vermin in the new house, but of course we will be in the midst of ricefields which is their home, so we will need to be watchful.