An Englishman In Isabela Blog #106 – Subdivision Sounds

Monday, February 01, 2010

Sounds of the subdivision start at dawn with dogs barking all around, cockerels crowing, tricycle drivers revving up ready for their first fare of the day, and horn honking, announcing the arrival of the pandesol man on his bicycle. If a rising shout follows, it’s the bean curd seller. Then as it becomes hotter we hear the tinkling bell of the ice cream man. At some time during the day a deep tone hand bell heralds the arrival of the rubbish collectors, standing atop a pile of sacks on the back of a truck. As sunset approaches the mango trees fill with small birds chattering, waiting for insects to take to the air. After sunset another cry is heard from a street seller with balut (eggs with chick embryos). During the night we may hear a loud crash as yet another coconut falls from the tree at the back of our house onto the roof. Those coconuts that later sprout I am keeping to plant on the boundary of our lot.
At 7.00 am, 7 days of a week, we hear our neighbour leave in his truck for his shop in the city.
Today we had the added sound of rushing water as the water board yet again flushed the system by releasing a gush from the nearby street valve. We filled a bowl with water from the tap and it was very brown with floating particles. Compare that to the crystal clear water we take from the deep well on our lot for free.
As birthdays and other celebrations arrive so do the videoke machines and the accompanying singing. And of course there are usually children playing in the street and occasionally testing our patience by ringing our front gate bell and then running away.