An Englishman In Isabela Blog #103 – Construction Update 27 January2010

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Much of the what we saw at the site in the last couple of days has continued. Still a frenzy of activity. On the viewing deck they were preparing the floor and railing pillars.
We sat in the shade of some trees in the next field and chatted to a man from Patul who it transpires lives next to a small lot that Gina purchased together with her sister several years ago, but could not locate when we searched for it recently. We gave the man a lift back to his home in Patul and he led us to the lot in question. We drove to the end of one of the narrow barangay roads but the small track leading to Gina’s lot past some small houses was too narrow to drive up so I reversed and parked. The lot is around 200sm, big enough for a couple of houses to rent out or for growing vegetables or fruit trees. First Gina has to complete the legal transfer of the title as all she has at present is the deed of sale. The owner is elderly and not in good health so this is probably something we should get on with when our house is sorted.
The Patul man spoke quite good English but seemed to have a fixation about finding gold and knowing millionaires. We moved around topics in the conversation but each time he would associate it somehow with millionaires. This was becoming rather annoying.  In the end I said I would never want to be one as, having worked for several in my life, they never seem happy and often spend their time worrying about losing their fortunes.
At the end of the day we celebrated the birthday of Gina’s niece and the men including myself consumed Red Horse beer. This also seemed to help those who are normally shy by nature find new confidence to speak English to me. It also seemed to help their singing of videoke songs, the majority of which are in English anyway. Most had good voices, certainly a great deal more in tune than the shop assistant who followed us all round the SCC store earlier this week.

Check out this video: Hyner House Construction 27 January 2010

This morning, at the contractors suggestion, we drove out to the site to meet the window suppliers. Apparently it’s a Manila-based business, owned by a Brit. They discussed the tinting and pointed at that two layers of green tinted glass will be dark green. Given that we will have curtains and nets we decided to revert to clear glass for both houses and called the bossman of our contractor in Manila to advise him. The cost will be less so we suggested a trade off against the additional cost of having separate pressurized tanks and pumps for each house, another decision we made recently.
The window supplier measured 9 windows today and will revisit the site to measure the remaining windows when they have been adjusted by the masons.