An Englishman In Isabela Blog #100 – Wall I’ll Be Blowed

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It’s amazing how quickly I seem to have reached my 100th posting to this blog. Quite a milestone. Cause for celebration? Well, perhaps not, especially as I’m still recovering from the shock of the quote for building our perimeter fence which would have paid for several hectares of land or another house. Having consulted with Gina’s brother who has been involved in building other walls, we have come up with a workable hollow-block structure which will suit the backfilled situation and we believe cost considerably less than our contractor wanted to charge us.
So this morning we asked a friend at city hall to let us have the forms for the fence permit which is required in the Santiago City municipality. By 11am we had collected the forms from city hall together with a checklist of the supporting documents required and this afternoon we will begin the process of assessing the materials required. If there is time we will also instruct a local engineer to handle the drawing up of the plans, otherwise it will be a job for tomorrow morning.
Things have moved even faster than we expected and we have already met with our local engineer and lined up the necessary documents, most of which were used in the building permit application process. He tells us it should only take a week to process the application and issue the fence permit. I guess that as soon as we know the permit number and pay the fees due we can start to build.