An American and an Australian died yesterday

The stories are unrelated except for the fact they were both in the Philippines and died on the same day. But the first was an elderly American who had been ill for a while. What I find disturbing is the way its filmed and put on television. The guy had died on his bathroom floor and dragged out by his legs all on camera and all shown on the local news. What a great way to find out your father/grandfather died? Publically humiliated on TV and a good chance that the millions of people in Cebu knew before the news hit you.. Its one of those things that bothers me a lot, respect for the dead it shouldn’t be so public.

The Australian on the other hand is believed to be in one of the biggest causes of death for Filipinos and foreigners alike in the Philippines.. Money Lending dying at the scene with multiple gunshot wounds. The problem is the Philippines lacks capital at the majority of levels so people use money lenders. Big and small loans alike problem is having someone shot costs around P5,000 (roughly £50 – £80) so its an easy way to wipe a loan aswell as sometimes its related to people losing face.. e.g. none repayment of the loan and then having something taken. For people involved in the business just be aware its high risk and there has been at least 12 people I’m aware of in 2008 to 2009 who are no longer here and its all related to the lending. Including one entire family with young children.