American arrested for staging catfight wrestling with underage girls in Cebu, Philippines

Generally I don’t bring up any of this stuff purely because there are other people dealing with it as well as the fact the media often twists the stories of what happened. In this case though things have plenty of evidence provided by the American Joseph Christian Bogo from Avella in south western Pennsylvania as he actually videoed the event he staged in a tent.

On Sunday afternoon he was arrested for taking videos of 7 girls wresting in Daanbantayan a town in Cebu province. Local officials said they first seen the foreigner with the girls they had assumed were all minors putting a tent up in an empty mountain lot. With this information the Barangay Tanods were sent to investigate who found the guilty party videoing the 7 girls inside the tent at which point the incident was reported to the police.

Chief Inspector Santos of Daanbantayan Police Station responded to the incident and identified Joseph Christian Bogo through his passport which showed he arrived in February and has visited the Philippines previously since 2009. During the investigation Chief Inspector Santos discovered several of the girls were minors aged 14,16 and 17 years old all from Pasil, Cebu city. The other 4 girls were still having their information confirmed as well as the fact that they said they came from Bogo. A mini-DV was recovered from the video camera with evidence of the events that took place.

Joseph’s response to the situation was that he knew all of the girls and they were friends just having fun and called the video “Catfight, topless girl wrestling”. On questioning the girls said they have been recruited via a female named “Sheryl” Pasil given P2,000 to do the catfight with the chance to win P1,500 if they won the fight. The police are still searching for Sheryl. Joseph went on to say he was a blogger and that although he did blog he wouldn’t be using the video in it as it was for personal consumption. Continued on the video another woman was identified as Joseph’s girlfriend that he was planning to marry in May.

The girls were all taken to the Department of Social Welfare and Development. While Joseph was left to make himself comfortable in a detention cell in Daanbantayan. The Police are looking to file a trafficking of persons charge against Joseph at Bogo city regional court. The U.S. embassy has already been made aware of the situation and Joseph has also made contact with relatives to inform them of the situation.

Now we have gone over what has happened I just wanted to add a bit more. Firstly this has to be the worst time to be doing something so stupid in the middle of a man hunt on Cebu for the murder of the girl in Minglanilla as Foreigners especially white ones are on the short list for arrests. On top of that we really don’t need these types of people here in the Philippines and a strong feeling he’s going to feel some jail time because of his actions at the same time I am annoyed there are so many of these types of people here that reflect badly on everyone else.

 Joseph Christian Bogo Joseph Christian Bogo and his blog perfectly named for the situation he just got himself into “Wandering Blindly” Philippines is tightening up on these types of people and would warn others to simply not come here your not welcome as your not doing yourself or anyone else any favours by being here.

At the same time I want to point something else out as some people may assume I am anti social a lot of the time as I generally sit out in the wilderness doing my own thing. Look at this guy and I wonder how many people he knows and other people weren’t aware of what he gets up to in his spare time. This is why I keep a distance personally as you never know who’s sitting at your table not paranoid just common sense as being tarred with the same brush is so easy these days with the power of the internet.

7 comments for “American arrested for staging catfight wrestling with underage girls in Cebu, Philippines

  1. Steve
    March 4, 2011 at 1:30 am

    Is this the type of person you suggest the “Expat tourism Police” offer assistance and protection to?

    • Tropicalpenpals
      March 4, 2011 at 1:59 am

      Very good question.. and to be honest the Expat Police aren’t there to protect they are purely mediators as I discussed before its mainly people drunk, robbed, lost I was talking about with the Expat police they don’t have any powers except to help defuse situations that could become out of control. Would they help this type of person? there is no need for their intervention he knew what he was doing and had no issues of language so in answer to that the Embassy is responsible for any assistance if they choose to give some.

      The basis of the Expat Police is mainly down to language problems as there is such a mix of people here and I have known several situations where being able to get basic information out of someone would have helped the police a lot in identifying people so they can “offload” them to their hotels. Such as a dutch national who had been robbed in Cebu city and was at the police station, couldn’t speak english and had been there most of the day already. He had received a bump to the head and disorintated just lucky a friend of mine was there filing a report on his wallet being stolen that he managed to get the basic info with a piece of paper so they could find out what hotel he was at so that they can help him.

  2. Danny13760
    March 9, 2011 at 5:43 pm

    I think people should actually see this guys blog. Is about an American guy who has an illness and going blind. I found his blog greatly inspiring to people wondering about traveling there. I went there and met my wondeful wife. I sure wish I could of read his blog before I went there for all I knew was to worry about kidnappers and muslin radicals so I didn’t travel much. My second trip there was much better for I was better educated and prepared. Thanks to people like him promoting the great things about the philippines. Don’t be so quick to judge him unless you can personally say i’ve seen the evidence.

    • Tropicalpenpals
      March 9, 2011 at 6:14 pm

      Because of his personal illness and being a blog writer that stops him from being arrested?

      He’s admitted himself that they engaged in topless cat fighting not only at the venue but also previously at his home. Now the media I can say here is speculative but I doubt they would make a false “quote” from his own mouth. They may put other things such as “its believed” or via a “source” which are things they can easily deny but in all honesty it isn’t looking good especially when he’s created his own video evidence.

      Important thing to remember here is to STAY AWAY FROM MINORS as unaccompanied is enough for an arrest which starts the ball rolling. An important thing to also mention is the use of “Trafficking” to file the case there is an ongoing hunt to deal a blow to trafficking in the Philippines and its people doing stupid things that get them easily caught which are going to see the inside of bars a lot faster than the “people traffickers” involved in the slave and sex trade. Its a numbers game.. its a lot easier to catch and doing this up in the mountains with underage girls in the middle of a man hunt for a child murder what are you asking for sympathy because he has a medical condition? If I am wrong I will be very surprised as his own quotes confirm the evidence yet he didn’t seem smart enough to look at the laws he was breaking..

      he calls the video as “catfight, topless girls wrestling”

      The American admitted he has initiated the “play” several times but it was the first time last Sunday that he did it outdoor.

      “We did it before inside the house and I didn’t give them money. They only come to me if they need money for their children,” he said.

      The video evidence that gets brought up in every news report must show reason for the arrest and although I don’t trust the media generally he seems to have gone out his way to hang himself. I know there is often people say foul play is at work in the Philippines law and to be honest it happens a lot at the same time there is too much evidence to say otherwise got a good excuse to be in a tent with half naked underage teenagers?

      Don’t care how good his blog its nothing to do what his hobby is.

  3. Johnph2009
    March 16, 2011 at 4:13 pm

    only gave money for their children ?? and they were under age
    OK sounds like a set up to me
    I say how about topless in my pool NO ONE HAS but if they did would that make me bad
    Its ok in my country UK but here it means a way to extort money no matter how normal it is
    15 year olds can have 2 kids but they are still innocent minors IF A KANO is involved
    its why i stay home and do not get involved WISH this was a normal country that had the same rules for everyone and not
    so anti forigners smile smile smile

    • Tropicalpenpals
      March 17, 2011 at 1:13 am

      Would say similar thing in the UK could get you in trouble due to the age of the younger ones. Can ask my old IT teacher back in school cost him a year in prison when he was caught with two of my female classmates..

  4. Tropicalpenpals
    April 23, 2011 at 5:05 pm

    Good find on this stuff as to be honest I am sick of this type of garbage coming to the Philippines and hope more will be deported or arrested! I don’t care if its for himself or not as you can see in his photos/videos even if it was its not normal and he deserves what the Police will throw at him!