Am i wasting my time in the Philippines?

It was something that came up today when a Facebook friend dropped by. From many peoples views they would assume I am but you also have to look at things from a quality of life perspective as well as cost of living in the UK. Here in the Philippines you can pretty much be left to your own devices to develop something in the UK you started a small business venture people are on you like a shot with its a “residential zone” do you have the relevant training, do you have all the right permits. But generally here I can develop things and most of it is online. I couldn’t afford to sit in limbo in the UK to develop new ideas and this is something that came up when someone was talking about a relative of theirs that some people are seekers in life. The goals will always change and the point is for me reaching for the stars is important but its the journey not actually reaching there that means more to me.

I am currently keen to develop aquaponics, permaculture and container gardening as small projects to prove they can work but many others would be looking to make a commercial venture out of it where I am just wanting to see if I can do it. No doubt I can make a commercial venture as well but its not the priority.

Most people don’t know my work patterns and trade back in the UK where I primarily deal with auditing very large companies and working out how they can save money on their maintenance as well as help impliment a structured automated maintenance program. Doesn’t sound much except when you take into  account I audit everything in a building from the number and type of light fittings to all the valuable parts of an air conditioning unit including its current state of repair and its expected life expectancy a single building could have tens of thousands of assets that have to be evaluated and also looking at things like introducing a computerised building management system that switches on and off heating, cooling and lighting systems as well as managing things like automated gated barriers. Working out how much the system will save the company annually by doing various improvements.

May sound boring and a sixteen hour day seven days a week is pretty normal for me. Pay is good and you generally get to travel round the country, your social life doesn’t exist as your rarely in your home town. Friends I communicate with just as easily in the Philippines infact I have more time for them. Now if you also factor in that I am around 16 years younger than I should be for this role purely because of my education and experiences as well as the fact alcoholism, marital breakups, stress and heart attacks cause a lot of early retirement its an industry struggling to keep relevant people in it as simply they burn out. Its not an industry based on spending the next ten years in unless you really do live the company life as a single person. You will be wealthy but you will also be lonely and eventually retire to a world that you pretty much have disconnected yourself from.

Here in the Philippines I am busy working on not only internal businesses within the Philippines but also those offshore as its the most viable future for us here. I will eventually take on a farm as I want to prove certain methods can and will be viable. I also want to encourage other Expats to take up the flag to help create employment and a future for the Philippines at the same time encourage those land owners sat with lots and farms unworked to actually do something with them for the benefit of themselves and the community.

May sound idyllic but in reality for me what am I supposed to do? tell people how they are doing things wrong yet not willing to commit to it myself? I am no hypercritic and I am well aware showing it can be done is the only way to change the trends. Life in the Philippines is something of an uphill struggle but at the same time that is something I am committed to this isn’t just a pet project but a way of life.