Am I turning Filipino?

May seem an odd question but many people I have met over the last year have mentioned how I am more local than foreigner. The last time being while waiting for April outside of a salon after shopping where the staff were surprised that I was a foreigner as my body language was very local. There are also a lot of other factors to take into account such as helping family and an overwhelming desire to return home to Cebu. Its a funny feeling being away there is the fact of distance from my wife and daughter but here in the UK life has moved on. First thing my parents always say when I arrive at their place is “what are you doing here?” which does make me wonder why I bother. As I only stop there to visit them and my daughter Nicole who lives not far from them. To be honest I think if I disappeared I wouldn’t really be missed may sound a bit odd to most but me and my family rarely really talk and even less so now as the Philippines has put an even bigger divide. But time will tell I wont write them off yet. I find the whole UK a bit alien these days though as if I am more of someone who knows something nobody else does and the fact that everyone around me seems to be going through the motions. But this could be just the fact I have a direction my life is heading in where everyone else seems to be worrying about jobs and paying the bills aswell as the current price increases. There is also the fact I look for Filipinos when I am out as I feel more at home with them than most other people I know. May sound odd but I think we are going through a lot of the same experiences which makes me more of a Filipino than a Brit these days.. Dont get me wrong though my Scottish heritage will always be there but like the Philippines so many of its people left the country for work its probably part of why I am the way I am..

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  1. Alan
    July 15, 2009 at 11:10 am

    Interestimg observations about one’s self .  🙂 I can relate in different ways . I just learned that my 84 yr old mother in the US had been moved to another location out of state by my half-sister . Some family members are upset but i was just concerned about her well – being . It all comes down to the fact that my family no longer communicates with me because i have ” divorced ” myself from them by re-locating half way around the world .  🙂

    In the end , that’s what I needed to do but they have a hard time accepting that . 🙂

    Better is the man that knows his own needs than having someone else tell him what his needs are .  🙂

  2. TropicalPenpals
    July 15, 2009 at 7:51 pm

    Agree with you totally.. years ago while at school I was on virtually every sporting team the school had to offer it was only years later I realised that it was more to do with acceptance in my family for being good at something. But no praise ever came.. but as you get older you realise the importance is in what you as a person can give to others aswell as being proud of what you achieve in your own aims. I have a wonderful wife two wonderful daughters what more could a guy ask for?

    Family will always be a tough nut to crack but in all honesty if some people are so stubborn why make yourself unhappy trying to make people happy who will never be? You took the right turn in doing things for yourself may sound hard or unrealistic to family members but then again most people I met know very little about the Philippines except they all seem to have some sort of “opinion”