Am i the only white guy?

I’m stuck in London waiting for a bus and its starting to bug me how isolated as a white person you become when coming through immigration in the UK. Last time I was picked out of a crowd of Africans to be searched and this time 4 Chinese guys off my flight were in front of me yet I was singled out. I can understand not wanting to offend foreign nationals.. but whatever happened to equality? I’ve also experienced the same at Dover where the British Coaches are searched yet foreign ones go straight through. No wonder I love being an expat.. I’m treated more fairly in the Philippines than I am in the UK and no i don’t find a “Hey Joe” offensive from kids along the streets in Cebu..simply you become immune to it and on top of that they mean no harm..

What bothers me most about this is its these little things all over the place that are becoming a major problem. White people are beginning to feel more vulnerable and the issues of mass immigration and queue jumping on social housing etc. are creating an under current that is seeing racism start to develop in the extreme. A move from the middle of the road average person who could be working in a shop or even a professional is beginning to feel they are being pushed aside for others purely on the basis of race. Where will it lead? That’s the big question but right across Europe we are seeing the beginning of serious problems relating to race. In Hungary its currently the Roma Gypsy’s who are being fire bombed and shot and believed to be getting carried out by military or Police. May sound like a small issue right now but its going on everywhere in small amounts things that 12 months ago was unlikely to be heard of. The world is changing and its not going to be for the better. The rich are already safe in they’re beds its everyone below them that will be the ones to worry. I’m not sure if a lot of it is being done deliberately to force divides in communities. Look at the G20 summit all i remember about it is the issue with the riot Police and the fact they are clamping down on overseas banks. But what was behind the protests lots of people were there but I haven’t heard one reason for them being there..