Always easier to search for failure than it is success

Being practical is something I am used to but also how I prefer to live. For me the UK came down to one issue and that was the way everything revolves around money. Which with the constant push to get credit and more credit is pretty much why we see the country in dismay.

This has got the issue of too much ignorance over searching for failure or success its simply ignored the problem completely except for positive drive on “things will be alright” even though there is no practical solution left.

Life in the Philippines though has seen the worst end of the stick with the constant push on failure promotion rather than success. Not talking about Kris Aquino’s latest TV show I am talking about expats in general love to see others fail as it gives them more to talk about. Do something positive and prove them wrong your unlikely to hear any praises or anything positive. Fail and they are looking to celebrate your demise.

The recent events regarding going back to the UK has put a spanner in the works with many of these people simply because they assumed we are financially broke and to decide to wait nearly another 6 months before even looking at dropping into the UK to see how things are sort of scuppered the “Matt must be broke”. Only a few people emailed me about child education and agreed that the kids best options are the UK but how many people did I bump into that thought we were broke and had already left? the majority lets put it that way.

Part of life in the Philippines is just switching off to the people around you that function like this as they have nothing useful to offer in the first place. Reading some positive thinking books you will come across “surround yourself with positive people” which to be honest is pretty much true in most things in life as everyone is pushing forward for success not standing waiting for the guy next to them to fall.

Retirement mixed with people working is often the issue here as those with time are retired those that are working are generally busy. Odd thing is why aren’t the retired spending more time doing something positive? I am sure here are plenty of good people out there but on the internet side there is a lot of negativity from within the retired sector and mainly from Americans.

3 comments for “Always easier to search for failure than it is success

  1. joe downey
    November 8, 2011 at 8:39 am

    You have to admit Matt that you are continually taking a swipe at retirees, i`m not one by the way, and often Americans, also the white trash and bad element, poorly educated truck drivers and factory workers, would that not rile you if you fell into that category? By blogging in the way you do, you have bared your buttocks to these guys, sure they will get a laugh out of you, you choose to explain every minute detail of your personal life, it then becomes public property, not private, which if you are at all sensitive, it should remain very private!
    The site has become a monologue because people are obviously tired of the 600 word replies to sensible comments, as this is,we used to have fairly lively discussions here a couple of years ago, now it`s a monologue brother, ignore them and leave them alone, they will do the same.

    • Profile photo of OLDARTICLES
      November 8, 2011 at 5:45 pm

      Im not sensitive Joe,
      the main frustration is that a lot of this stuff keeps people off the internet that have useful information to share. I know several people that initially shared things about construction and business ventures but ended up with the same problem so just deleted everything as they don’t need to be on the Web. There are plenty of people here making money either online, in the Philippines or exporting/manufacturing but how much information can you find on the internet?

      I do expect the odd barrage from time to time but at the same time I do question how some people think as some seem to gear towards failure before they even start if start at all. Poking with a stick from time to time has to happen though because quite simply the Philippines is seen as an adults playground for Westerners in many respects and not being from that way of life showing that there are “normal” people here as well is often an uphill struggle.

  2. LloydChumbley
    December 28, 2011 at 5:53 am

    Matt we love to irritate you, i sit in my office with nothing better to do between work and its when i spend my time sending you messages under multiple pseudos in the same way as sending things about Paul Petra and the other cronies in to Evan on the SEXPATWALLOFSHAME blog.

    Only real issue for me is i cant find anything your doing illegal! hahaha