Alcohol and Bolos in the Philippines

The bolo is a very common weapon in the Philippines as its used for many things. The problem is when its mixed with alcohol and disputes. So when visiting/living in the Philippines its always worth remembering the argument you may be about to have or could happen in the future simply isn’t worth it. One of the neighbours yesterday had a dispute yesterday that involved him arguing with his neighbour which was no doubt alcohol infused. Ended up with one guy feeling the sharp end of the blade. Ok the culprit was arrested this morning but at the end of the day I would advise not even getting into heated arguments as generally for a foreigner you may even be wondering what you were arguing about the day after after sobering up. knives are cheap and spirits sometimes high, the important thing is to rise above it and if it is worth arguing over ask to discuss when your counterpart is sober!!

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  2. Alvin Sarcon
    June 7, 2010 at 4:27 am

    this is why ESKRIMA/KALI(a martial art indigenous in cebu, philippines- you may google that for more info) shouldnt be taught to just anybody else coz it will be a hell of a problem..