Airsoft In Cebu


Airsoft rifle I bought in Cebu, Philippines

Airsoft is a sport that’s pretty big in the Philippines and one that not only is great fun but also one that can help you keep fit on a regular basis.

There are different types of games played and different game arenas throughout the Philippines. Connecting up on a few of the sites would be the way forward if this is something you are keen to do for several reasons. They will know where your nearest teams are, Where the nearest locations for playing are, You could probably pickup some second-hand equipment at a knock down price. Either way it’s all to your benefit. One bit of advice is make sure you are wearing appropriate clothing and head-gear as it can hurt hitting naked skin. An Airsoft gun is firing small BB pallets which although may seem pretty harmless at high velocity you can feel them without a doubt. Close range you can be left with small bruises but in all cases people will try to avoid to hit you at close range because of this and its built into the rules not to attack at close range. So where to start looking for teams and information?

Well I try to update the forums regular and once it starts building with a few players it will be kept more up to date.