Airsoft and Gearing Up in the Philippines

A few people have mentioned an interest in Airsoft but worry about it being expensive. The truth is it can be expensive to start out but its also possible to buy the equipment cheap if you shop around. Originally I spent around P10,000 all in for my equipment including my first gun.

Matt Wilkie - Airsoft Cebu - Photo copyright of Matt Wilkie

That is everything you see.






Balaclava (not in photo)


Battery Charger, Spare magazine, spare battery, Mask

Now the thing is that you realise once your into the sport is how to save money on your next set of gear. Firstly the gun I bought I paid P4,000 for including sling (normally P200+ extra) store price for the same weapon is P8,000+ The reason it was so cheap is I bought it from someone wanting to upgrade so got a good gun at half the price with some extras. Today I also bought an MP5 for P4,000 also P8,000+ instore because someone doesn’t play the game anymore. My point being is get on the forums and you can half the cost of getting into the sport. There are suppliers who buy certain things e.g. battery packs or magazines.. uniforms etc. who are selling well below store prices. I could have knocked at least P4,000 off my original gear. Aswell as the fact many of the guns have been upgraded. You find that a lot of the guys like to mod and upgrade the guns then see something else new so want a budget for a new gun. So you can pickup they’re old weapon at not only 50% but 50% plus upgraded.

To get into the sport you should look to find a local team simply because if you play regular its easier and cheaper to play for a team in your vicinity instead of travelling to the other end of the city for an hour before and after the gaming. Best place to start is the forums.. there are two main forums and they all have a fair few teams on there and if you cant find a team for your area leave a message on there and no doubt someone will contact you to come and play. Having a foreigner on the team is a bit of a status symbol and they are proud that you have joined there team so it wont be difficult to make new friends.

Either way if you get stuck drop me an email and ill find some guys in your area or come for a game with me to give it a try.. I can lend you a few bits and  pieces for the day.