Airsoft and a Bite to eat

One thing I state a lot is about making sure you wear the right protection not only from being shot at but also to the environment last Sunday we were playing in some brush/semi jungle at Airsoft. With it being so hot and there being a lot of outdoor moving around I decided to drop some of my clothing to cut down on getting so hot. So one of the things that went were my trousers replaced with long shorts as it covers past the knee. Keeping things light to stop me cooking


One thing you may not be able to see is that there are two people moving across the photo during the game a lot of the brush is about 4ft tall. Had a great game although very difficult to see anyone in such dense surroundings. But with even wearing mosquito repellent on my legs it wasn’t until I got home the itching started and I found more than a few bites on the front and back of my legs


I would hazard a guess at the number of bites on my legs to somewhere between 40 and 50. The problem with this is although we played late evening and unlikely to be bitten by a mosquito carrying Dengue. The type of mosquito at the time we played has a risk of Malaria. Currently there is conflicting reports stating Cebu doesn’t and does have malaria. So personally its something to be aware of.

For my punishment of stupidity my wife made me drink Manage (Milk Milk plant) which is something that is a bit of a local super plant. Although still in clinical trials it has been proven to work with Dengue and other diseases but people are still trying to work out why and how it works and to what degree.