After a long day at work


I was sitting after a long day of sorting out my workload which seems to be getting bigger rather than smaller coupled with issues dealing with my tax refunds and expense claims. As I am currently not at home I was thinking what would YOU as a reader want to read. I know there are a lot of people wanting to hear from the OFW side of things but I can only cover so much of that due to the fact I travel a lot and rarely see most people for more than a few hours before heading off somewhere else. So there is only one real answer to this problem aswell as others I need people to write articles to be submitted on here. I know a lot of people talk about starting a blog and never get round to it so why not just start with a few articles and see if you enjoy it. Also there are some things I have covered in the past but only from my views and thoughts. What about someone who has just moved to the Philippines or just going over the first 6 months. Let us know what happened in the time you have been there. Think nobody wants to read it? We are heading to around 300 people a day reading this blog alone so it gives you the ideal location to meet likeminded people and express your thoughts,views and experiences to the world. If you don’t want criticism its also fair just mark at the end of the article no criticism welcome and I will simply block any comments as I know its one major factor that stops many people writing. Doesn’t really affect me as I enjoy debating about almost anything. But please feel free to write as this is OUR blog not just me and Aprils.