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Got an event you want written about and photography maybe its a Fiesta you want to reach a wider audience. TropicalPenpals currently has 1000 readers a day. Tourism is currently a speck of sand in comparison of what it could be in the Philippines. I want to help promote the country and the things going on. If you have something you want me to cover just drop me an email. If its a business depending on location it may be free or a lunch to review. At the end of the day I am trying to keep costs down at the same time promote events. If your a band I would love to come along to gigs to grab some photos and write a review on your performances.

What is the catch? For events I need good access to get good photos. If you have seen the ones I done for Sugat festival in Minglanilla you will realise its also a good medium for you. Ownership of the Photos will remain content of TropicalPenpals but on agreement you can use them. E.g. I don’t want photos sold as postcards but for your own website its fine. What does it cost? depending where you are sending me its generally just fuel or lunch as its your business,band or facility I want to promote. Does it work in your favour or mine? in reality it works for both of us as you get a review that is true aswell as publicity that is constantly going to gain hits on the internet. I write the truth so if your restaurant isn’t making the grade would advise not getting me to visit until it does. Im not negative or positive I just write what really is happening or how things really are. Why? because TropicalPenpals readers want that. Im not manipulated by payments or favours I am purely a writer who can choose to write as I find rather than as people want me to write to suit their venture. I am neither arrogant or opinionated with it either I understand the problems businesses and people face everyday and that some things are out of peoples hands due to strict import legislation or dealing with government offices. You need to decide if you want my help and at a rate cheaper than others. Profit is not what Tropicalpenpals is about I have other incomes I do it because its important to send out the right information.

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