Actor Kirk Abella shot dead during film shoot in Cebu City’s Parian district accidently by “real” guard.

Kirk Abella

An incident involving actor Kirk Abella left him dead during filming for a new British independant movie being made in Cebu. The actor was pertraying a masked assassin when he was confronted by a “real” security guard who had been alerted to gunmen roaming.

As the cameras rolled filming the scene the security guard arrived claiming he was unaware of the filming taking place and stumbled onto the scene. He believed he was actually chasing two real life robbers he then opened fire with his pistol fatally shooting 32 year old Abella after he received wounds to his back.

Cuizon the 51 year old guard had been awoken by villagers who said there had been armed people running around looking for people to shoot. He attempted to approach two armed masked men on motorbikes as they tried to sped away at which point the shooting began. May seem surreal to many parts of the world but here in the Philippines its very common especially during political changes such as the Barangay elections that have just happened where over 70 people were killed during this election time as people carry out assassinations to keep or take power using motorcycles for the killings is the most common method of the murders as it allows a quick getaway and the same reason there are so many checkpoints within the country looking for gunmen during election periods.

The shooting occurred in Cebu, Philippines there are several question I do have to ask though is why there was filming of gun scenes in the middle of a gun ban due to recent elections when there are heightened tensions. Why was the local guard carrying a firearm during this time as he is only authorised to carry a baton although with the death rates that happen here during election periods I do understand he may have had a firearm.. but was it licensed and if so who financed it?

Eddie Cuizon was then arrested for having a firearm during a gun ban as well as the murder. He was employed by a private security firm as a night watchman and although was not supposed to be armed I have to question where the fire arm came from. If you go to any mall or supermarket here even during the gun ban you will find all guards are carrying at least a pistol if not shotguns, the armoured car guards carry M16, M4 carbines or AK47s even in a gun ban. So was this gun from his company?


Local police chief Alexis Relado said Cuizon will be charged with murder. He said notices had been sent out by the filmmaker explaining he was shooting scenes in the village.

The filming had been part of a new movie being done by Alan Lyddiard who is

the former artistic director of Northern Stage in Newcastle and the TAG Theatre Company, Glasgow. With his new film “Going Somewhere”.

Alan Lyddiard currently refuses to comment.