About us

I am Matt Wilkie and I lived in Cebu from 2007 until 2014.

Our home is in Minglanilla and its where we spent most of our time while in the Philippines developing businesses, our family and this blog. Although moving on to pastures new we still retain property and business operations in Cebu. Although currently reside in Spain and I work in the UK.

You will find the information in my blog blunt and to the point, I don’t sugar coat and I generally don’t dwell on the obvious. The reason its been written this way is its very easy to find the “tourist” type blogs on the internet where everything is awesome. But after knowing so many people who arrived in the Philippines with false dreams they were sold online I decided back in 2007 to at least give them a fighting chance with real information. What you find in the Philippines is expats will often talk about the positives and hide the negatives. Yet its the negatives that are more important as its those that affect people in their daily lives far greater than the postcard beach.

For me the Philippines is good and bad and for someone with a young family Europe offers better opportunities for my next generation. The Philippines still holds a place in our hearts as home but at the same time it doesn’t give the same levels of opportunities that our family needs.

I haven’t cut off the Philippines either as simply I am here to help those interested, over the years in the Philippines I have seen the numbers dwindle from those who arrived at the same time between 2007 and 2008. Many have left for the same reasons I have, others have died, ran out of money or grown tired of the way of the Philippines. But its our experiences that you may find makes your life easier in the Philippines or allows you to make the decision is the Philippines right for you before you even arrive.

I hope you enjoy my blog.

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