AA BBQ – Minglanilla, Cebu, Philippines

One of our most regular haunts is AA BBQ in Minglanilla. Down to two reasons mainly we live within five minutes and I like the calamari there. Anyone buying calamari mind it tastes a lot better at the restaurant than on a take out not sure if its the time it takes to deliver or the fact if its put in a bag but either way it goes rubbery. So strongly advise eating in to get the best out of the food. AA BBQ is pretty much a local restaurant which is probably used more by the local population than foreigners especially is its branches have opened up all over Cebu and possibly other regions (there are I believe 9 branches in Cebu). Mainly seafood dishes but also do some pork and chicken as well. Its success is on its food quality and its low to middle ranged pricing. If your looking for plush decor its not the place for you as the seating and tables are plastic but we are there to eat not admire the view.

aa This month I had my friend Noel arrive from Canada who’s wife Cathy is currently working in Minglanilla so we had a bit of a get together at the restaurant complete with a full table spread. I love the Sisig which is a local pork dish and one of the very few pork meals I will eat, its the hot spicy taste. The one thing I can say about AA BBQ is its consistent and has a good manager there who is always on the ball. I have turned up with over 20 people on several occasions without reservation and they have always managed to find us seating. There is also private function rooms you can pre-book for free and would advise if you need aircon. Another reason the restaurant is a good one is for if you have local guests and your aa2not sure of their food habits as its something that bothers me sometimes if going out if people will like the type of food. Prime example of this is Indian food as its my favourite type of meals but have had people eat them before but finding it extremely hot to take on as most Filipino dishes are traditionally mild. They won’t admit its too hot and continue to eat it. So AA BBQ is ideal for meet ups with a mix of Expats and locals as there is stuff everyone can eat.

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