A visit to Gaisano Minglanilla

Ewe’s doctor resides in Gaisano mall upstairs and today was a vaccination day, a bit of advice is to check what each vaccine is that they give in the first 12 months as some really aren’t needed and just money spinners. I won’t go on about things like sugar in kids milk or vitamin supplements as you can Google it all online to realise that a lot of the “must have” is more like “don’t need”.

Anyway was in Gaisano Minglanilla waiting for April and Ewe to come out of the doctors at the same time searching for a backpack for travelling around. I doubt they are original “North Face” backpacks for just over P2,000 but was just browsing around and thought I would grab some more sunglasses. I buy these P50 ones because I have a habit of snapping,breaking,dropping or losing them so don’t really want to shell out on a good pair.

It was at the counter I noticed someone trying on a pair of my P50 specials and as he slide them on they snapped in half at the nose bridge and he handed them to the girl behind the counter. At which point she said he had to pay for them as he had broken them. Laughing at myself as its typical of a lot of the quality in store same as it worked when you bought it guarantee for some things. Heading off to meet April with the guy digging around in his pockets for P50. Moral of the story is if its cheap its probably going to break, if its in Gaisano its probably faulty and cheap so going to break even sooner. I didn’t get any glasses in the end but will still buy the P50 pair as generally they last 2 months before the lens falls out or they snap in half.