A very different Christmas this year in the Philippines.

Another year almost done in the Philippines but one that has seen some severe changes.2013-11-08-Typhoon-Haiyan-Aid-Photos-by-Matt-Wilkie-166_thumb

Earthquakes, typhoons and business developments have kept the whole thing riding like a rollercoaster. I have seen my perspective change on politicians here and I don’t have to even say a word because I know so many are feeling the same. Even now there is bickering over who should be dealing with Tacloban, is it the access to billions is it ego’s? I really don’t know and to be honest don’t care. It isn’t helping the situation and until its resolved don’t expect anything to change anytime soon.

But besides that negative aspect the people who pulled together to get on with helping others and even giving up Christmas shows the value in humanity. But that’s part of the charm of the Philippines as always “the people” but a very clear cut path as who are regarded as “people”. Randy arrived today as well which was good to see him as we had done an appeal because nobody had heard from him and his family. They lived on the coast of Tacloban and Randy worked at the airport. But like many others they had become cut off and had to walk and walk until they eventually managed to get to where they could leave Leyte. Like most in that area they lost everything but still able to keep a brave face on things and will no doubt begin to rebuild. But gets back to the issue of the government pulling their finger out first.

I am moving on from the typhoon though as I have done what I can and where I can. Not giving up but simply there is enough money and agencies involved to put things back better than they were before.

Right now I am just focusing on enjoying Christmas which is something a little strange for me as I have pretty much stopped work and taking a rest period. Something I don’t do enough of but giving me time to read and focus on the next task. Business took a bit of a beating with bad timing and I was a poor judgement of character throwing someone a bone as a business partner for the U.S. side.

So will be heading off to the UK or the Middle East the start of next year. Depending on the type of contract will either be April and the kids coming with me or a stint on a few contracts or one long one. A couple of projects nationwide in London coming up and a long-term contract in Saudi. But all depends on what comes my way first.

But its also meaning a lot of reading because if I go back to the UK going to add a few more qualifications to my bow. The industry I work in is developing into several sub sectors and its worth training for the changes. Only issue is the amount of data I am absorbing lately.

But going away the start of next year means we are making sure we enjoy Christmas. We did give a fair bit of our Christmas budget away to help others but certainly struggling when you look at things in comparison.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope everyone gets in the festive spirit.