A Usual Sunday In The Philippines

Our usual Sunday in the Philippines is a bit odd compared to things I would get up to in the UK. For example generally in the UK Sunday is the family day involving taking the kids to the park and enjoying a roast dinner with Brussel sprouts and pretty much taking the afternoon easy at home.

Here in the Philippines though woke up this morning with sweats as I had picked up the kids cold/flu virus leaving me pretty rough all day. A busy day of meeting up with a seminar group to do with the LoadXtreme as well as cancelling one of our SmartBro connections (yes have to go all the way to SM to cancel the damn thing!).

But I was awoken by buyers of our old multi-cab that decided to come over today to haggle,buy and move it. First hurdle was a deed of sale as like many things its never simple so what should have been a quick transfer of cash in the hand and a set of keys resulted in hunting down the guy we bought it from 4 years go to trace the person he bought it from. All usual headaches here for sure when it comes to deeds of transfer but it does make me wonder why is it nobody cares that I have used it this way for 4 years? Only person interested is the new buyer. Not in the best of moods by now as I was starting to feel like a bear with a sore head it was beginning to be a long day. By the time we sorted the paperwork out for the multi-cab I was just feeling like curling up for an hour or two to clear my head cold so headed back to bed. After that it was a quick case of its too late to get what I needed doing at SM a common problem with living in the Philippines is that things that we would simply do on the internet or with a phone call involve in person dealings and lots of slow paperwork and queues. Doesn’t matter how you look at it a 30 minute ride each way plus time in a store to cancel the system is a waste of everyone’s time. Because lets face it everyone doesn’t want to deal with customer complaints, poor service or clogging up expensive staff in offices that they may not need. In other parts of the world its called outsourcing, in the Philippines it seems to take the reverse method of 3 – 4 people to do 1 job.

By the time I woke back up after the nap I wasn’t 100% about heading into Smart Bro on a Sunday at SM when its likely to be busy, as well as the fact I am still feeling rough even at 2am (12hrs later). Missed the seminar as well which is another thing that I needed to do today but did manage to do some new sheets for explaining the LoadXtreme for initial loading. I found the sheets overcomplicated that came with the system as it mixed Retailers and Distributors onto the same booklet which can be confusing. Generally if selling retail or distribution I would have already plugged a sales pitch of both and directed them to my LoadXtreme website to get an understanding of the products as well as help let them decide if they want to be a retailer or distributor. So the fact sheets I designed today are based on one sheet for Retailer and one for Distributor without the confusion of them overlaying each other. Something that did go well today as well as the fact the kids are seeming like they have gotten over the worst of this cold/flu.

Now the point I was making about Sundays is generally we work every day here in some form where I literally lose days and weeks sometimes as I get sidetracked into working on something. Downside of that is obvious that I lose track of time easily as things do need to get done and generally I concentrate on them until they have been completed. But timescales are very long here compared to my usual way of working something I don’t think I will ever be able to adapt to or get used to.

2 comments for “A Usual Sunday In The Philippines

  1. joe downey
    October 11, 2011 at 12:58 am

    I had a friend in the provinces who had to track down a deed of sale 5 owners back so he could transfer ownership, i would naver buy a vehicle unless it was clear to transfer ownership, same with land or houses, the headaches are endless, and remember the new owner has to pay all the late penalties at LTO when registering the vehicles, it gets expensive people!

    • Profile photo of OLDARTICLES
      October 11, 2011 at 5:52 am

      Deed of transfer was the only bit missing, Aprils father lost the deed of ownership for the Jeepy before (that cost me P2,000 for a new one). But generally like everything else here peope put it off until tomorrow including those that should know better “the government”.