A typical day in Cebu

In other countries the events of today may seem out the norm. For example the motorbike crash I seen but that is the third in less than 2 weeks.

But we will start today with the fact a new PC arrives tonight and with an advertisement flyer for Fastwin computer enterprises I headed over there to see if I can get a second hand LCD monitor. Low and behold they don’t have any in stock just the chunky old CRT’s amongst their vast stock of second hand Pentium 4 PC’s. So looks like I will be ordering from Manila again. I headed back towards Minglanilla and decided to drop into SM on route to see if I could find anything within the budget I set. I don’t want to buy new if I can help it if you see the chewed headsets at the net café you would understand why. But to no avail so thought I would get Zoei a slide and push bike to keep her entertained as I am trying to pretty much get rid of television.

Now in the UK I know I would probably have to do back roads and at night to get away with a slide and a pushbike on a motorbike. But in Cebu although stacked pretty high its pretty normal to see everything from Pigs and Chickens on motorcycles to entire families moving around. Didn’t stop the one traffic enforcement slapping his baseball cap on his head in amazement mind. Which is more to do with me being a foreigner than anything else.

As I neared the SRP suddenly things take a strange turn of events which first begins with slow moving traffic which eventually came across a motorcycle crash where the rider had gone through the windscreen of a taxi. Right before one of the canopies people have for wakes/burials in the middle of the road.

Its pretty common here to see canopies put up on the inside lane of a busy road for dealing with the extra people for funerals coming to pay respects and eat etc. When I first seen them I thought it was a bit bizarre and an accident waiting to happen. Which is what has happened the taxi had pulled round the canopy and the motorbike appears to have been on the wrong side of the road. Result being either serious injury or death the motorcyclist wasn’t at the scene when I arrived just the police and the taxi driver still in his cab.

As the slow moving traffic passed the accident and canopy around a bend the funeral precession was heading up towards the canopy. Oblivious to the fact the reason they are also stuck in traffic was caused by the accident next to the funeral canopy.

Eventually passing that group I then run into a protest which seems to be student organised and with GMA-TV on the scene at the time with a light camera crew. To say I was glad to get out of the chaos and back home.

Zoei was fast asleep, ideal timing to get the push bike and slide together before heading off for a quick shower. Arriving back to find Zoei chermering in her own language about her new bike and loading it up with dolls.