A spirit level is not how you measure paranormal activity

Today we got the aluminium windows and tonight I looked at sorting them into order for each window and set it all up for installing in the morning. I was originally going to install tonight but due to the “spirit level” never seeing the light of day or even setting up a template the windows are all out of square. When I say all I mean all and not by a little bit. Its something I can work around but as usual its another snag added to the list and extra time wasted cutting to fit instead of it just being a quick fit and onto the next job. I also noticed tonight (I have been avoiding the site for a few days) that the windows have got cup marks on the cills and the one window is filthy with hand and foot marks all round it. Another sign that people just don’t care.. its very obvious that its fresh paint and a bit of care should be taken to sheet it if going through it. But as usual it will be a job needing redone to tidy up someone else’s mess. It generally seems to go that way here you do things two or three times instead of once. Not sure why people do it as it just doesn’t make sense at all. To top it all off when we returned with the windows we found that the our painter (who is doing the outside due to my western weight not being able to be supported on the scaffold) is happily working his way through a large bottle of Red Horse Beer which to be honest I wouldn’t be bothered about normally except he is about 20 feet in the air on make shift scaffold. At the moment I am keeping quiet simply because I am letting Paps run this job the next one I will run and see how they compare. I can’t really complain at guys at the moment because they are working via Paps (Aprils father). But next time will be very hire and fire and making sure that people do what needs to be done in the right order and try to kerb the don’t care attitude with any damage you pay for it.

I’m just glad we are on the final run now. The shower and toilet room is nearly finished with the tiling tomorrow the windows will be in. The exterior paint at high level should also be done. Leaving the floor tiles which I am also collecting tomorrow in the hope they start getting laid tomorrow evening. If the tile layer doesn’t he will find its just all the crap cuts to do in the morning because I will lay the rest overnight. Hopefully I have some money arriving from the UK tomorrow as well so we can get the new water tank installed. There is a funny thing about water tanks as everyone seems to go for the metal ones. If you read the side of the metal tanks it tells you that “if your water is high in minerals or corrosive materials you should use the poly version”. Now I discussed this with April as we are getting the plastic tank which is guaranteed for 12 years and nearly double the size for the same money. It seems people go for the metal because they are smaller which personally I think is a waste of money as having a tank the same price which will last longer, hold more water and cheaper there doesn’t seem to be an argument against. But funnily enough we had someone working on our electric water pump who had advised us the reverse as well. Which I said to April a lot of the problem is people don’t take the time to read things properly. I often get it at the net cafe when people are trying to signup for things like Yahoo email. Because they don’t read what is right in front of them telling them what they are doing wrong. They will sit there for 30mins retrying the forms yet it could be as simple as a letter mistyped on an email address e.g. instead of “.” its a ”,” because they pressed it by mistake. The result being getting back to the conversation earlier that this guy fixing the pump is supposed to know his stuff yet its pretty obvious he never questioned why things would corrode a plastic tank over a metal one because if he did without a doubt he would realise he was wrong straight away. At the same time he is encouraging others with his knowledge to install the wrong tanks. It’s funny in some respects but others you wonder how much training people have had. Most people seem to have followed on from someone else rather than college trained because if college trained no doubt they would be an OFW. The same with my mechanic I seemed to have to undo his repairs as things ran worse then repair it myself. So many people say the same thing.. unless you go main dealer but from experiences with them in the UK doesn’t mean the servicing will be any better.