A Spark In The Philippines

No we aren’t on about electrics here but simply every now and again you get a spark of why things are worth doing and also others go through the same stuff you do. I received an email off a website developer yesterday and we met up today. He’s been here over 11 years and had come across TropicalPenpals.com and wanted to meet up because of how he felt about the blog being true to life in the Philippines as an expat. We had lunch this afternoon and exchanged a few of our horror stories at the same time both see the positives in the internet business here if the Philippines embraced it rather than constantly hindered development due to being thrifty in many cases. What I mean? sort of thing where you spend days or weeks developing a website or something else for local businesses who have no interest in paying for it but want to steal all the material.

Bullying to get their own way which often means threatening to kill you if you go to use lawyers or other some other form of trying to recover your “theft” or loses by their criminal actions. The spark comes with the fact of me heading back to the UK shortly and wanting to develop business in the UK for the Philippines. I have a few Filipino’s interested in ventures but generally it seems expats are more keen to do real business and I am not sure the reasoning why since anything I do in the UK I can take people to court etc. without people trying to kill me! But also we are talking real money for for stocks and work completed because we have no middle man. Well could call me the middle man except for the fact I am looking for partnerships in long term business development rather than skimming all the profit off. In reality I want you to prosper as well because its difficult to progress in the Philippines without capital and investment. Getting a few pesos for something that is sold for a lot more in another country for me seems unfair when it ends up with the manufacturers stepping backwards all the time due to being unable to invest in more modern equipment as well as improving lifestyles.

Today’s meeting went really well and an example of how a good bond of friendships and business can develop and hopefully one of many fruitful ventures we will see develop over time.