A sewing machines last goodbye…

old Singer sewing machine (photo for affect other had gone by the time I got back).

Bit of an end to an era here today as I got back from doing the new video to help sell the Jeepy when I discovered the old sewing machine that had been in Aprils parents place had gone. Originally bought for P4,500 many moons ago (Over 30 years ago) and used by Aprils mother for decades. Aprils mothers previous job was a seamstress but these days we have all adapted to a new way of life and many of the older things aren’t needed. Was a bit of a sentimental moment no doubt as i was sold for P1,500 but April said later that its gone to a good home one of Aprils mothers friend and we will buy it back at a later date due to it being a bit of a family heirloom.

Minglanilla is famous for its tailors and seamstresses although today you wouldn’t really notice as there are no big factories producing and no lines of tailor shops. At the same time a friend of ours employs 4 seamstresses for their clothes making business and they all come from Minglanilla that pretty much shows the skills are still there. I have also seen Aprils mother before at work where we brought some material for curtains, by the time I had fitted the curtain rails the curtains were already made and ready to fit. Fast and always a good finish I know Aprils mothers boss didn’t want her to leave when she retired from clothes making and even to this day she is welcome to go back at any time. The odd thing is you get into the realms of salaries here and its partly where the country stalls a lot. I can sit and write this blog every month and get paid more than a teacher, bank manager or even some doctors. Creates a bit of a blessing and a curse as people are able to make good incomes online with a bit of thought and training at the same time like the nursing profession they abandon badly needed jobs to get a career to leave the country.