A ride into the city with Zoei

With our son arriving on the 13th I have been trying to spend more time with Zoei our daughter with things she would enjoy. Today was a trip to SM, the mall itself wasn’t the main goal but simply a bit of exploring for a two year old. After waiting 40mins for a KMK bus that never showed we hoped into a taxi as it was getting humid with all this bad rain we are receiving thanks to the current Typhoon in the region. What was interesting is noticing how much Zoei enjoys the outside world, with the problems of Dengue and the temperature here aswell as a busy work schedule Zoei generally spends her time at home. So when out and about there is some serious investigation work going on. With waiting for the bus for example she wasn’t bored and complaining but simply sat and watched the endless traffic going passed taking an interest in all the different modes of transport. She fell asleep in the taxi and I was thinking it would be a wasted trip if she slept right through it but as soon as we got to the entrance of SM like magic she was suddenly wide awake and chattering away in her own little language.

A trip into the arcade to play on the machines before heading off to the book shop kept Zoei occupied with lots of new noises and colourful lights. Not too interested in the rides themselves as she took two of the tokens home instead of spending them finding them of more interest than the rides. After a visit to the bank which resulted in a tantrum as I needed to fill out some forms but when there is pen and paper available it can only result in Zoei doing some of her sketches or a hard battle for the ball point.

Now your probably thinking this post is boring.. but the whole point of the experience is time with kids and its something more of us should do more often. Its too easy to offload the kids in the Philippines to the Yaya’s and then into the school system when they not only need education they need affection, love and guidance. I find a lot of kids in the Philippines are a bit hyper and most of it is down to poor diet, too much TV and video games and of course not enough quality parent time. Its something I have discussed with a few people who talk about the TV on as the Yaya’s will sit there all day while the kids wander round. I see the TV as simply something that numbs the brain especially with the shows here. A couple of hours a day of “GOOD” educational shows is more than enough for any kid after that it should be books and other productive methods to improve the child’s mental stimulation as well as encourage learning.