A proud father


Zoei wilkie Although I have been so far away for most of our daughters first steps in life. I’m lucky that we are the internet generation seeing our little person develop from a baby who relies on us for everything to a child who is now exploring and being the age that all parents love to see kids grow. The age where walking turns to running and looking becomes poking, tasting, fixing and playing.

The one advantage of being working in the UK though is you notice things change so much because your living with bits of information so things are often just amazing and I’m proud that we have Zoei in our lives. Aswell as the fact she seems very smart for her age and upto things I haven’t seen any other kid do not until much older. I’m looking forward to watching Zoei turn from child to girl, to girl to woman and I’m looking forward to being part of every mile stone along the way. You have come into our lives and fu filled a void we didn’t know was there until you arrived. A wonderful little person who is nothing short of spectacular..

I love you lots,