A Place of rest – A centre for street children in Cebu.

There is a centre a fellow expat is currently working on within Cebu which will be a home to street kids and family. I don’t know much about the project as its still in its early stages. I do know this building is already purchased and I do know the expat doing it is using his own funds.

The project is developing  but like most things like this there is always something else needed. Currently furniture and books are needed. I wont write too much on the project but if you want to help I would say pop over to a place to rest.org and have a read. One thing I will say though is no doubt any help would be appreciated. If your going into Cebu this year on vacation or even moving and have space in your luggage that you aren’t using ask around your neighbourhood for kids clothes that people don’t need or want and stick them in with your stuff. As no doubt putting an old T shirt on a child will not only make they’re day but it will also make yours.