A pitched battle between Matt and the Expats

Im re-writing these articles this morning after a bad email appeared during a session of Tanduay and Tequila yesterday during Minglanilla, Fiesta.. So a lot of the articles from yesterday will have new information as I do rant on a bit if worse for wear… anyway I often get in disputes with the Expat’s here for various reasons the main one being I don’t shut up. I hear many people grumble behind peoples backs but generally regardless if on a blog, at home or at work I am very open on what I think and will generally say it. Although at the same time I try to be fair which is what I am doing here by removing the name of the site and owner of it from yesterday. Fairness coming from the fact TP is a lot longer established and bad publicity on a new website isn’t good or fair I want to  give it a running chance and I wish them success with it. At the same time I am not a person easily forced into a corner and more likely to go full throttle (like yesterday) if pushed in that manner. If your not happy about something think it through before sending me emails incase you won’t like the response as more often than not you will realise that A. I am not looking for a dispute and B. If I have written or done something its generally for a reason. I am not vindictive or one to hold grudges especially here in Cebu as I rarely see other expats so if something is annoying you learn to relax as you will probably find what is really annoying you is nothing to do with me but something going on around you. Its why you will find I spend a lot of time in “chats” online especially if I know someone who is a bit more isolated is sick or having a hard time as it lets them have a ventilation source to get things of their chest when talking to another foreigner. Its something people discover over time that assuming they can live the local life and nothing will bother them that sometimes they just need to talk about the frustrations as sometimes you have a lot of “common sense” issues which in Western society are easy to do or understand but its done differently here to our frustration as it often complicates things for us or we can see it takes longer, costs more etc. So generally I am not a grumpy guy.. infact I will try to be up beat as much as possible but try not to send me emails of complaint in the middle of Fiesta…

3 comments for “A pitched battle between Matt and the Expats

  1. Philip Patrick
    August 22, 2010 at 4:20 pm

    I completely understand and know exactly what you are talking about here. I have run into this situation so many time with expats. They seem to want to tell me what I need and how I should do it. If I do not agree with them, they tend to want to get upset and threaten, or like you have said here blackmail. I am exactly the same as you. I DO NOT CARE. Especially to the point, that I have already become successful, already beaten the odds. So if anything they should be riding my shirt tail, instead of acting like I need to ride theirs. Plus the fact that I am a old KY boy from the Mountains. If you threaten me, expect I am going to smack the dog shit out of you when I see you.. So I understand you. Matt is one of the best, most friendly, even minded individuals I have met here in PI. With that being said, anyone could gain a wealth of great non bias, straight forward, honest information of Living and Working in The Philippines, along with many other great articles. No one works harder than Matt to keep updated information, and daily entry’s in his site. I am with you all the way. Do not let anyone tell you how to do anything. Your doing great…

  2. TropicalPenpals
    August 23, 2010 at 2:16 am

    [New Post] A pitched battle between Matt and the Expats .

  3. Jason
    August 26, 2010 at 10:53 am

    Philip. Shut the hell up. No one cares about you