A Note for my wife on our first wedding anniversary.

I sat and thought about this before posting.. and came to the answer of that the greatest way to show my wife what she means to me is to do it in public so here it is!

I just want to thank you for this first year of marriage and although ive been working away from home, every day my thoughts were to get back home. Life has thrown many things in our way since we have met but i just can’t say I don’t have regrets because that would just be part of it.. I don’t have any regrets but on top of that this has been the happiest year of my life. You brought a young daughter into our world and our family is almost complete. You have been a shoulder of strength when work was crazy and not only do you make me happy, content, loved and wanted. But also im proud to have you in my life.. you’re a great mother, wife, friend and lover.. there is only one April… and I thank god your mine..

Love you lots.. happy anniversary my love.