A newborn baby boy found in plane trash in Manila, Philippines

As rubbish was removed from a plane at Manila’s airport a security officer on the tarmac spotted something moving in one of the waste bags. He then sifted through the rubbish to find a newborn baby wrapped in tissue paper covered in blood.

"The baby was left for dead. It was already bluish in colour," airport press officer Connie Bungag said. "He could have died in a matter of minutes if he was not found."

Philippines were working on Monday trying to identify the mother who gave birth on a commercial flight before abandoning the child in the airplane trash.

The six pound nine ounce baby boy was found on a Gulf Air plane after its arrival Sunday from Bahrain. The child was rushed to an airport clinic where doctors and nurses cleaned him up, carried out a check up before wrapping him in cloth and mittens leaving him to warm under a light bulb. Current signs are the child is doing well. Airport officials also collected money to buy the baby some clothes and milk.

The airport workers gave the child a name “George Francis” after Gulf Airs flight code GF.

Later the child was turned over to social welfare services assigned to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

The airport police currently trying to locate the mother said they are aware of a passenger whose seat near the toilet was blood stained and have managed to recover a name from the plane’s manifesto. The woman is also believed to be a Filipino national.

Gulf Air is also carrying out in internal enquiry on to why nothing was picked up on the incident. A spokesperson from Gulf Air Katherine Kaczynska stated that no one on the plane reported anything unusual during the flight and the fact the child was discovered in the trash can in the toilet suggests the mother gave birth inside the bathroom during the flight.

"Our main priority is the welfare of the mother and baby," the airline said in an e-mailed response to questions. "We are currently working with the local authorities in the Philippines to help them locate his mother as soon as possible."